Guide to Choosing a Penis Extender

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It is normal to wish that your penis were larger. If you are looking for a possible way to add some inches to your manhood, for any reason, millions share the same plight. This begs the question, are there proven ways or devices that can help you lengthen your manhood? Yes. There are plenty of safe ways to increase penis size.

man standingHave you ever considered using a penis extender? If you are looking for a safe way to lengthen your manhood, then you need a penis extender. The good news is that there are plenty of male enhancement devices in the market. That said, here are some factors to consider when shopping for a penis extender.


Comfort is a key consideration when shopping for a penis extender. In light of this, you should always pay attention to reviews that capture comfort. Getting a comfortable device means that you can wear it for a long time, which, in turn, speeds up the enlargement process.

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You should also pay attention to the design. This should be a key consideration considering that the device will be used in a sensitive area. With the right design, you are inclined to adapt to this new routine with much ease. So if you feel that a penis extender does not strike that instant connection, you should explore other options.


The prospects of wearing a penis extender on a working day can be daunting. Therefore, you should pay attention to the aspect of convenience offered by a device. For instance, if you are always moving and want to wear the extender as you go about your business, you need a light and sleek extender. You might also consider the possibility of wearing the penis stretcher while you sleep.


It is worth noting that penis extenders are not usually priced the same. You must pay attention to how much you are willing to spend. If you are short of cash, you might be forced to make compromises. This could mean going for a device that is not as comfortable as you would have wanted. You can also opt for a cheaper product from an entry-level company.

The key to getting fast results lies in getting the best penis extender. Besides the factors highlighted above, it is important that you also pay attention to reviews left behind by other users.

Reasons to Consider the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight


If you are a fan of porn films, you should have some knowledge of who Nicole Aniston is and what she does. Nicole has been involved in the porn business for more than a decade. She has featured in more than three hundred adult movies and is one of the most polished porn actresses.

Nicole partnered up with Fleshlight to make the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight. Her passion and dedication led her to consider the partnership. So, why should one consider getting a fleshlight?

Masturbation & Health

Most people love masturbating for pleasure. However, the act offers several health benefits as well. Masturbating helps boost your body’s immunity and helps you maintain good health. When masturbating, you get to release the sexual tension and stress. This is possible because masturbating will help lower your blood pressure in stressful circumstances.

Self-stimulation is a typical form of safe sex practice. Masturbating can help you clear your mind and make reasonable and safe sex choices. It can also help men fight depression. During masturbation, mood-altering chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine get released into the brain when climaxing. Using a Nicole Aniston Fleshlight offers a different experience compared to masturbating using one’s hands.


Nicole Aniston’s fleshlight has five chambers in total. The chambers have ribs lining that continue up to the second chamber. The second area is tighter than the previous one and has rings and circular bumps with different textures. Nonetheless, when the third chamber is penetrated, the sleeves widen.

The last chamber has unusual shaped elongated triangles that appear to slop at the end. This design offer pleasure and a sensation that is close to the real thing. This makes the masturbation process fun and boosts the intensity of your orgasm.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex toys can spice up your sex life if you are wondering. You can have your partner use the fleshlight on you. Using sex toys makes the activity fun and feel adventurous. If you love exploring new ideas, you should consider getting a fleshlight.


When using a pocket pussy, always have a lubricant to avoid bruising your penis. Avoid using silicone or oil-based oils because they can damage the lining of the device. Also, make sure to clean your fleshlight after use. However, take time when cleaning to make sure you get all the semen and lubricant out of the device. If you have trouble cleaning, consider using warm water.…

Range of sex toys

sex toys

You will be surprised by the variety of sex toys available in the market. They range from purely female or purely male to toys which can be used for both sexes. You will find others which are categorized as marital aids or sex aids.

What is the purpose of sex toys?

Sex toys are aimed to stimulate the female genitals, help men in the erection or provide a different sex feel. There are other toys aimed to give an environment for variations in sex. For example, the ones called orgy bed sheets. Other times they are used to help individuals who face difficulties with unaided sex get the right sexual satisfaction.
The use of sex toys provides new sex experiences, fantasies and a variation in sexual experience. Many people expect that sex toys provide direct stimulation during sexual intercourse or foreplay or as a means of obtaining an orgasm.

Types of sex toys

Vibrating sex toys

sex toysThey are commonly referred to as vibrators. Just as the names suggest, they provide stimulation through vibration. In many cases, they are used to stimulate the clitoris. However, they can be used to stimulate other body parts even those of men. The most used are the pencil, normally thicker than a pencil. They have an internal battery which powers the vibration. They have a controller as well. Sometimes the battery and controller are external to be connected to the vibrator using a wire. The motor is fitted with a weight which as it rotates, it throws the motor hence a circular motion causing the vibration felt.As mentioned earlier, the motor comes with a controller. As the power increases, the vibration increases. Different people will get stimulation from different strength and rates of vibration. For the best results invest in a controllable vibrator.

Other powered sex toys

Other types of sex toys use other methods to provide stimulation. This depends on the motor. Some motors make the sex toys change its shape providing a rotational movement or making it move back and forth. This movement is powered by an air pump in other types. The movements create mechanical vibrators that penetrate the vagina, mechanical licking tongues, and mechanical mouth stimulator’s to give men blow jobs. The more expensive the toys, the more stimulations they offer.

Sensation change sex toys

sex toysSome sex toys are aimed to change the feel of sex. For example, there are different sleeves to be put over the penis to give different sensations to both partners during penetrative sex. Some rings tighten the men’s scrotum or squeeze the base of the penis to help the men erection. We have penis thickeners and extenders which give the partner a different sensation. There are a variety of lubricants which give a change of feel as well. There are polyurethane and PVC bedsheets that are oil and waterproof to be used for messy or slippery sex.…