How to Prepare for Your First Date

a dating couple

Now that you can get your crush to go on a date with you, you have to realize that your job is not done yet. You have to get prepared! But just like the first time of everything, you may not know how to prepare for it. 

Profile Your Partner a Bit

That ‘a bit’ phrase means exactly how it is written. Too much of profiling will make you sound like a creepy stalker, but lacking the knowledge of your date’s background can also be perceived as you not being interested in him/her. Besides, almost everyone uses social media these days. You can at least learn about your date’s movie preference or the last place they visit. It will be a good conversation starter. But remember to say it honestly where you get the information from. 

Prepare Proper Questions

a question mark manThe rule of thumb in dating is that you are not supposed to make the whole conversation about yourself, even if you feel like you’ve just achieved something extraordinary and have the urge to tell it to others. But also remember that not all questions are appropriate to ask on the first date. 

First, you can start with the safest topics like foods, movies, bands, books, etc. Your goal here is to find out which hobbies get them interested. Find common ground between you two. However, faking things up will almost certainly lead to a disaster. Keep being yourself. 

Second, after you can set the ‘safe parameter’, you can get further by asking your date’s personal opinions on things. Find out why they pick a certain activity over the other. This will keep the conversation going on and prevent the whole date from being boring. 

Think About Sex

a kissing coupleYou should not talk about it, but you definitely need to think about it. In fact, with today’s culture of fast dating and sex dating, or rencontre sexe in French, bringing it up on the first date may even be considered as a get-to-the-point mentality. But just to be safe, this thing must be the first thing that comes up during the conversation. Be more cultured for love’s sake! You should talk about it only if you notice that the date is going to end in the bedroom. And yes, it can happen! 

Talk about your kinks and turn-offs. Ask your date about the same thing. Give emphasis on how sex is supposed to be fun for both parties (or more, if you guys are into that). Just don’t let the night ends with one of you disappointed. 

Be Prepared for Rejection

a rose on cobblestonesNow, it’s vital to remind yourself that you are dating as an adult. It means that you can take rejection or refuse an advance like an adult. Another rule of thumb during a first date is that ‘No’ means ‘No’. No matter how desperate you are, you must never force your desire on your date, unless you want them to lose interest in you. 

Even if the date ends with rejection, it doesn’t mean that the dine should end badly. If things don’t work out, at least give a good impression. 

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