Reasons to Consider the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight


If you are a fan of porn films, you should have some knowledge of who Nicole Aniston is and what she does. Nicole has been involved in the porn business for more than a decade. She has featured in more than three hundred adult movies and is one of the most polished porn actresses.

Nicole partnered up with Fleshlight to make the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight. Her passion and dedication led her to consider the partnership. So, why should one consider getting a fleshlight?

Masturbation & Health

Most people love masturbating for pleasure. However, the act offers several health benefits as well. Masturbating helps boost your body’s immunity and helps you maintain good health. When masturbating, you get to release the sexual tension and stress. This is possible because masturbating will help lower your blood pressure in stressful circumstances.

Self-stimulation is a typical form of safe sex practice. Masturbating can help you clear your mind and make reasonable and safe sex choices. It can also help men fight depression. During masturbation, mood-altering chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine get released into the brain when climaxing. Using a Nicole Aniston Fleshlight offers a different experience compared to masturbating using one’s hands.


Nicole Aniston’s fleshlight has five chambers in total. The chambers have ribs lining that continue up to the second chamber. The second area is tighter than the previous one and has rings and circular bumps with different textures. Nonetheless, when the third chamber is penetrated, the sleeves widen.

The last chamber has unusual shaped elongated triangles that appear to slop at the end. This design offer pleasure and a sensation that is close to the real thing. This makes the masturbation process fun and boosts the intensity of your orgasm.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex toys can spice up your sex life if you are wondering. You can have your partner use the fleshlight on you. Using sex toys makes the activity fun and feel adventurous. If you love exploring new ideas, you should consider getting a fleshlight.


When using a pocket pussy, always have a lubricant to avoid bruising your penis. Avoid using silicone or oil-based oils because they can damage the lining of the device. Also, make sure to clean your fleshlight after use. However, take time when cleaning to make sure you get all the semen and lubricant out of the device. If you have trouble cleaning, consider using warm water.

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