Three Common Sexual Fears in Men

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Confidence levels largely influence a man’s performance in bed, with the lack of it being devastating. However, it is quite common to find several men suffering in silence, especially if they feel inadequate in bed. And such fears are to blame for declining sexual performances in bed. For instance, fears related to ejaculation time, penis size, and the inability to satisfy a woman in bed end up hurting a man’s passion in bed.

With these fears in mind, men have to turn to some performance-enhancing supplements to cover up for their inadequacies in bed.

The Possibility of Leaving Her Unsatisfied

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The inability to make a woman orgasm is probably one of the most common fears observed in men. It is somewhat unfortunate that this fear has a direct correlation with a man’s penis size. While ‘big’ is not always better as far as sexual performance is concerned, some men keep worrying about the possibility of not giving the woman the pleasure she deserves. Thus, the likelihood of leaving her unsatisfied increase as these fears get to your head. The best way to deal with dealing with this kind of fear is to take time to¬†understand your woman or best practices of awakening her sensitive parts.

Premature Ejaculation

A satisfying sexual encounter requires that all parties involved receive and give pleasure. While most men go to great lengths to ensure that they dominate in bed, some of them remain anxious about the possibility of ejaculating prematurely. It is worth noting this fear is not always justified. Experts suggest that any man who can hold his ejaculation for a minute is not a victim of premature ejaculation. So ignore the fake ads for more extended periods as this could only fuel your insecurities.

Lack of Sexual Experience

It is a well-known fact that most men turn to the porn industry to benchmark or learn certain acts to repeat them with their partner. While some men work hard to introduce new things to men, most women are not usually interested. And this often hurts a man’s performance, considering that they start feeling lacking. The sooner you come to terms with the fact that performing in bed has nothing to do with your experience, the better. What matters in bed is the quality of sexual connection with your partner.